Studio Policy

Studio Policy

Vocal study is a gratifying, eye-opening and downright fun process!  It requires consistent discipline over time to develop a reliable, healthy technique as well as beautiful, exciting and engaging artistry.  In order to support your personal development in singing, the following commitment is required of you.


The year is divided up into three sessions:  Fall Semester, Spring Semester and Summer Session.

Note: students may begin lessons at any point during the year.  Tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

Fall Semester

  • Mid-August - mid-January
  • Winter Recital - 2nd Sunday in January
  • Holidays (no lessons): Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, New Year's week
  • Total number lessons: 18

Spring Semester

  • Mid-January - mid-May
  • Spring Recital - 3rd Sunday in May
  • Holidays (no lessons): Spring Break week (March 23-27, 2020)
  • Total number lessons: 18

Summer Session

  • Mid-May - mid August
  • Holidays: July 4; one week TBD
  • Total number of lessons: 12 
    • Note - a minimum of eight lessons must be taken in order to guarantee your place in the studio the following school year

Lesson Frequency & Duration of Study

Students receive one lesson each week.  The process of having a lesson frequently and consistently with individual practice in between is the absolute best way to grow and improve the voice.

Students commit to a minimum of one semester of study, although a full year commitment is strongly encouraged.  Many singers continue to study throughout their entire lives, as honing one's technique requires constant feedback from a teacher's eyes and ears to call attention and awareness to physical and mental habits.


Lesson fees are assessed as a tuition per year or semester (roughly following the school year calendar).  Payment of this tuition guarantees you a weekly time slot in the studio, regardless of how many lessons you attend in any given semester.  See attendance policy below.

Tuition covers your weekly lesson instruction, preparation of practice recordings, materials other than music (sight singing and music theory worksheets, staff paper, etc.), repertoire and resource research on your behalf and costs associated with recitals.  A once a year administrative fee is also assessed.

Attendance Policy

I ask that you notify me at least 24 hours in advance of an absence.  If notified on time, I will be available for a make-up lesson within the following four weeks.  Any missed lesson not made up within four weeks' time will be forfeited.  In case of an absence without 24-hour notice given, that lesson will be forfeited and no portion of tuition will be refunded.  I will offer a limited number of make-up lessons for "emergency absences" to be determined on a case by case basis.