Welcome! I'm Lori Bammesberger, and I've been teaching voice lessons in Colorado Springs, Colorado for over 25 years. Kudos to you for embarking on an adventure to discover your voice, build your confidence, and develop your artistry!

Study with Me

My mission is to give you the tools needed to use your voice at its peak level of performance — in whatever style of music you desire. To get the best results, you need a clear understanding of how the voice works, including breath connection, resonance, how to shape vowels, maintaining a stable larynx, and releasing unnecessary tension when you sing. With these skills, you can sing any style of music in a healthy, non-damaging way.

Develop Your Skills

  • Boost your confidence in singing
  • Improve your vocal technique
  • Increase your range
  • Sing with accurate intonation
  • Sing with dynamics
  • Improve your vocal tone
  • Improve your sight-reading skills
  • Nail your auditions
  • Become adept at rhythms
  • Broaden your repertoire
  • Build your network with other musicians and music organizations

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About Lori

Lori BammesbergerLori Bammesberger is an accomplished singer and voice teacher, in the Colorado Springs area, who helps students of all ages discover their unique voice and hone a healthy vocal technique. Lori brings over 25 years experience teaching voice privately, conducting choirs and performing as a soloist and choir member into the studio for every lesson. Lori recently returned to Colorado Springs from Los Altos, California, where she was Associate Conductor and Director of Musicianship at the internationally renowned, award-winning Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley.

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