Colorado Springs Children's Voice Lessons

Colorado Springs Children's Voice Lessons

Looking for voice lessons for your child in the Colorado Springs area? Look no further!

Take Lessons with Lori Bammesberger

Lori Bammesberger has been teaching voice lessons, to students of all ages, in Colorado Springs for over 25 years. In addition to teaching private lessons, Lori has conducted, vocal coached, been a workshop clinician, and an outreach coordinator for the Colorado Springs Children's Chorale for nearly 20 years. Additionally, Lori has performed with many community arts groups including the Colorado Springs Vocal Arts Ensemble (CVAE). Lori holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas and a Master of Music in Voice Performance and Opera from the University of North Texas, Dallas, Texas.

Children's Voice Lessons

Voice lessons can take your child from singing in front of the mirror in their bedroom to singing on stage in front of an audience with confidence and flair. Lori offers either a six week or six month lesson package for students in grades 3-7. After a brief interview, we will determine the optimal lesson path based on your age, experience, and goals. Whether you're just starting out or you have taken voice lessons in the past, Lori can help you improve your singing and achieve your goals.

Singing with Lori, your child will have fun learning:

  • Lots of new songs
  • How to match pitch and connect their musical ear to their voice
  • Musical patterns (intervals and scales) that are the building blocks of every song
  • What musical symbols mean and how to “sing what they see”
  • Basic vocal technique that will set them up for beautiful, tension-free singing for the rest of their life
  • How to communicate emotion with their voice, facial expression and body
  • How to stand tall and sing with confidence on stage

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